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Cute Picture of Avi in Ndu, Cameroon

The seminary days where I met my wife

A Day with Nature

Today as we are trying to stay home, social distancing, we could not resist going out to see what nature has to offer. So we packed the camera, took some snacks, water and most importantly, a bottle of hand sanitizer which has suddenly become a treasure.  At 2:00 we took off to a park. There’s this bird which pecked the wood and made such wonderful sound and we have been wondering why his brain doesn’t explode. How wonderful God has made this little bird with such a powerful beak. In Limbum we call it Kyèshìbùʼbùʼ, that is the woodpecker. Avi has been saying Kyèshìbùʼbùʼ all day. We did not end there. We also enjoyed watching the squirrels. When one squirrel pulled his arms towards its chest, my wife said, “It looks like he is saying, ‘Me? You wanna take my picture? But why?’” That remained the statement Avi kept saying back home when I uploaded the pictures on the computer. We got lots of pictures of other birds. We cannot be idle! We love God’s creation, we love people, and we love you, Lord.

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